June 4th - 6th | 2020

See the Future. Seize the Future.


A conference for church leaders passionate about the future of the Canadian Church.

Bring your team and join us for a conversation about the effectiveness of the Canadian Church. Join a movement of churches dedicated to reaching unchurched Canadians. 


Connexus Church, Barrie, Ontario


June 4th - 6th, 2020



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See the Future. Seize the Future.

Churches across Canada are struggling to stay open, let alone grow.  

The truth is, some churches in Canada actually are reaching people. What are they doing today and what do they see ahead? What could you do that might help you realize your mission more fully today and tomorrow? 

What if you could see more life change in your church now and could anticipate what’s next? 


Conversations led by these speakers.

CAREY NIEUWHOF Founder & Teaching Pastor, Connexus Church

DANIELLE STRICKLAND Speaker Author & Social Justice Advocate

DANIEL IM Senior Associate Pastor, Beulah Alliance Church, Edmonton, AB

BRENT INGERSOLL Senior Pastor, Kings Church, Quispamsis, NB

JEFF BRODIE Lead Pastor, Connexus Church

RICH BIRCH Author, Speaker & Founder, unSeminary


See What Others Are Saying ... 

"First, let me tell you that the Canadian Church Leader Conference was incredible. I have been to dozens of conferences over the years ... in many ways it was better than any I have ever attended! The incredible attention to detail, the content, the choice of speakers and topics, and most of all--the CANADIAN CONTENT! Awesome job."  

 - Brent 

"The Canadian Church Leaders Conference provided my team with an opportunity to learn from like-minded leaders who were passionate about reaching unchurched people. The hospitality and attention to detail shown by the entire team is unlike anything I have ever experienced in a conference setting. The CCLC was an incredible team experience and an invaluable investment into our leaders." 

 - Tammy

“Gathering for a few days to talk about the Church in Canada energizes me to keep doing what I am doing. We all know leading can be hard at times and I have found that these few days gives me energy to stay the course. 


Take Action. For the Future of the Canadian Church.